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OC: Dyne
Here is a drawing I made of my OC, Dyne. I have an old drawing of him elsewhere on my DA. Ever since I began exploring the realism style, I am able to better modify what features I like and what features I don't like so as to mold them into a character. This is Dyne as a teenager. I drew his face with softer features such as a rounder face.

Dyne is a sort of a mage character who is taken into adoption by a powerful kingdom. His tribe was killed by the same people who invaded his ancestral homeland. He obviously has no recollection of such event as the kingdom he is living in has the custom of taking or kidnapping babies and children from the people they invade, raising them as their own in order to increase its military might. Dyne was adopted by a family of high ranking knights. However, Dyne sense that he does not really belong there as his magical powers begin to unfold. In his tribe, the spirits chose him as a medium. He is able to see spirits who also lend them their power. The kingdom is highly aware of these people and wish to exploit them or exterminate them. Dyne's knight family detest anything to do with spiritual power. Those kidnapped children who are raised by knights have no permission for higher aspirations within the kingdom, they must remain in the military.

My inspirations for this story have to do with the manifestation of nationalism and friends who have abandoned common sense, reasoning, and empathy for nationalism. They hold imaginary borders and constructs above humanity, disdaining those who see the reality what is around them.

I do not think that I am fully drawing in the realism style as I see manga influences. Perhaps it's closer to the Korean manhwa style? Manhwa is like Korean manga but it has bits and bits of realism in it. I like including noses and full lips.
Not so angry
You're probably thinking that I'm obsessed with drawing heads xD okay, I'm trying to not get too excited this time so I can do proportions properly. I have trouble with making eyes lopsided >_<"

I've been practicing from Loomis methods. Loomis is the best!!!
Angry face
I was bored xD I have no clue how to color and/or shade, whelp!! I had fun trying though.
Profile practice
I know it has whacky proportions and a manga-esque look but I got super excited again xD Loomis' proportions have been helping me out a lot. Why didn't I look up Loomis a long time ago? >_<"

I know this is manga-esque but I'm loving the realism style and the Western comic styles.
For about half a year, I have been getting back into drawing. To tell the truth,this is the longest time I have ever been drawing for. I have drawn from time to time but then I soon stopped.

What got me back into drawing is the Sagat picture I drew (currently in my gallery). My friend adviced me to copy a picture and learn from it. He was right! I am very proud of how the picture came out. When I saw the results, I decided to give it a go and continue with drawing. Besides learning from copying, I have also came up with tricks of my own, thanks to others who have shown me and I am trying out with sketching my own made up poses. It is coming out great!

You know when they say, practice makes perfect? Well, it is absolutely true! I feel that my drawings are beginning to improve. I honestly draw every single day and practice. My advice: Practice, practice, practice.

I do not know how far my drawings will go but I will certainly keep on going! It is like excercising the brain!

Looking at other people's work is the most fun and it gives me many ideas of what to draw. As well as looking through deviantart, I also browse other manga artists like Akira Himegawa, Minako Iwasaki, and others. I think I am starting to fall in love with the shojo style of drawing, which I am getting most of my influence from. I like the Shounen style as well but there are some things that I like in one style that the other one lacks.

Practice, practice, practice!! That is the key!


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Hey! ^_^ Welcome to my DA! I have an array of interests that include magical fantasy, video games, music, BL, sports, and whatnot. I like Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Castlevania, Zelda, and I also like manga. I hope to get back into drawing as I make updates and follow people in the DA community. So let's be friends, I will follow and fav your art like it's no tomorrow xD so be on the lookout for that.

If you can, I would ask that you critique my work...please? thanks ^_^


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